VIP Program

Dear HHCS Families,

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to and Anita or Suzanne (VIP Coordinators) will be happy to respond. 

 To New Families:

Welcome to HHCS!!  The VIP gift card fundraising program is a very successful program.  HHCS purchases gift cards from major brand retailers, at a discount.  HHCS families and friends can purchase the gift cards at face value, via the order forms. These cards are then used for everyday household purchases.  E.g.  $100 Food Basic/Metro gift card is purchased by HHCS for $95.  The card is purchase by a HHCS family for $100.  The profit for the fundraiser is $5 (60% to HHCS and 40% toward your next year's tuition). You pay nothing extra, funds are raised for HHCS and money goes towards your tuition.  A great win-win!!

A VIP representative will contact you in the next few weeks to explain the program, in more detail, and  to answer any questions.

A true win-win! Without spending an additional penny, while playing an important part of raising funds for HHCS!
Order your gift cards now!

 For more information, please email:

V.I.P. Coordinators: Suzanne Clarke and Anita Vandermeer